On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Photo by Serena Repice Lentini on Unsplash

It was 6 am and the sharp sounds of the alarm woke me out of a deep sleep. My meeting the previous evening had run late and the last thing I felt like doing was getting up to make my 6:30 am lap swim time.

A couple of weeks ago, inspired by my husband who has been doing amazing things for his health, I decided to start swimming again. It has been almost 35 years since I did this kind of training. I say, “I decided” but, it was my husband’s suggestion, and it took some time and his help before I made the decision. I made all kinds of excuses about why it wasn’t the best idea or the right time to start. It felt like a giant hurdle. Here’s the thing, I wanted to do it, but I was nervous, and it felt easier just to keep things as they were. Whether it’s a new fitness regime, better-eating habits or learning to meditate, starting something new requires change and change is hard.

I know if I was coaching me through the decision to start, I’d ask myself what was important about doing this new thing. I would encourage myself to flesh out all the things that mattered about it. I’d ask for some reflection on what might change in my life if I did the new thing. I’d get me excited about the possibilities. Then I’d talk to myself about mindset. What are all the pieces that make it feel like a giant hurdle, I’d ask? Slowly we’d work through the lack of the right gear, the booking online, the transmission of COVID through water, the first-time jitters and all the other resistance that was coming between me and the decision to begin.

Luckily, I had my husband who helped me work out all the objections and supported me the whole way. He even got up at 6 am that first morning, drove me to the pool and sat in the car while I swam. It is that kind of support that helps make change easier!

As the sharp sounds of the 6 am alarm rang out, I groaned. I thought momentarily about staying in bed. I could still feel my muscles from the swim the day before and the day before that. I reminded myself that consistency is the key to building good habits and rolled out of bed. There is a time for thinking and a time for action. At 6 am when I hear that alarm if I let myself think, I’ll persuade myself to stay in bed. So, when that call for action comes, I don’t think. I remind myself of what I want, and I go and do it.

This Week’s Photos

Part of what I want, is to be present enough to enjoy the beautiful things that are right in front of me. This week’s photos are about that.


Mental fitness training can help you make the changes you want to see in your life.

I will be running another 6-week mental fitness course starting on August 14thConnect with me before August 7th if you want to register or get more information. Here are some of the things the latest cohort said about the course.

  • I loved the program! You have the ability to pick up on what we needed to hear without knowing us very well and instill the confidence to just try it.
  • I feel a lot more confident and at ease. I realize my problem was never confidence, it was courage. This was a great experience.
  • It’s been truly life-changing! Thank you. I’ve learned to be kinder to myself and others.
  • I feel happier, more confident and freer. I’ve learned to get out of my own head. I’ve rediscovered that I am stronger than I thought I was.
  • This was a really good experience!

You can find out more about the 6-week mental fitness course here.

Sue Das, CPCC, ACC, B Soc Sc (SW)

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2 thoughts on “On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

  1. Another good one Susie. As we are moving to a lifestyle retirement complex soon and they have a heated pool and it will only be a 3 minute walk for me – I needed this one to start getting my mind right 🙂 thanks my girl love Sal x


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