I believe change is possible. It is never too late to begin. My clients say they feel more confident and capable after coaching. They have more clarity about their goals and values and have an easier time balancing their commitments and their own needs. As a coach, my client’s say I’m kind, insightful and direct. I ask thought provoking questions and I listen well.

Developing self awareness is foundational to change (and we can work on this together). What’s important? What’s getting in the way? What does success look like? Once there’s clarity, we focus on making changes – one small step at a time. Some of those changes could be internal – like changing thought patterns. Some are external and could include setting boundaries, prioritizing or having courageous conversations to name a few. Coaching will deepen self awareness and build courage, self compassion and confidence.

My background in social work has taught me the importance of context and to see beyond the surface and pass those insights along to you. My certification through the Co-Active Training Institute has given me the ability to adapt and adjust – a coaching style based on whatever is most pressing to you, so that you’ll feel immediate relief and walk away with a plan. Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness training has given me practical science and research-based tools I can share to decrease stress, build new healthy thought patterns, and improve positive emotions. These tools build the muscle to sustain change.

As a member of the International Coach Federation, I am bound by and committed to the ethical guidelines and professional standards of practice set out by the organization so that you know you’ll receive excellent coaching. I want to use my experience, training, and skill to help you live with less stress and regret, and make sure your life is full of all the right things.