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One of my favorite movies is Lord of the Rings.  I love that Frodo, a homebody with a small, safe life, has a task set before him which is seemingly impossible even to those who are stronger, with more visible gifts and more experience than he. I love that while he is reluctant at first, he agrees to take on the job and finds that he is the perfect one for this daunting task – maybe the only one who can do it. I love that he is surrounded by a group that will help him get where he is going and that each one must face some kind of choice to overcome the darkness in order for the quest to move forward.

Lord of the Rings (and other great stories) remind me that there are things that (despite appearances and convention) are uniquely suited to me, to each one of us. If we’re willing, like Frodo, to set aside reluctance, face the shadows, grab our courage and move into the unknown with confidence.

This blog is about stepping beyond the shadow, facing the internal giants that hold us back, finding courage, embracing our uniqueness and finding a way to celebrate it.  If we don’t, the world will miss out on that particular sound that is only us; it will miss out on seeing that unique hue. There is only one you.  No one else on the planet has your particular blend of strengths and struggles, all wrapped in your experience. Though it can be painful and it definitely takes courage, this blog is about finding a way to show up, to stand up and be seen.  You’re worth it and it is a loss to all of us if you don’t find a way.