Weekly Intention

This morning I was spending some time getting clear on what I want from this week. I asked myself a few questions that helped focus my intentions. I found it quite helpful so I thought I’d share those with you.

3 Questions to Keep You Moving Forward

(Estimated reading time 1 minute) What am I doing to stay connected to my purpose? This is about reminding yourself of the impact you want to have and the way you want to serve. It’s about reminding yourself what makes you feel alive and like you’re making a difference. It’s about being connected to a […]

This Got Me Back On Track In 24 Hours

(Estimated reading time 2- 3 minutes) Habits have the power to create us or break us. They have the capability to move us forward or keep us stuck. They are the building blocks for who we are becoming. Bad habits seem so easy to slip in to. Good habits so tedious to create. Most often […]