Where is Your Line in the Sand?

(Estimated reading time 1 minute) Have you ever known it was time to change something in your life, but you keep putting it off? Perhaps you have felt the effects of a choice that used to work for you but no longer does. You see the benefits of redesigning what you’re doing, but it doesn’t […]

The Cost of Everything

Apparently, it is possible to do EVERYTHING all in one day… but the cost of it is 3 cupcakes.😳 The cost the day after EVERYTHING, is the inability to find anything meaningful to write in this blog post. Regular blogs will return next Thursday.

Butterflies, Joy and Purpose

I recently had the opportunity to speak at International Women’s Day. If you know anything about my journey, you’ll know that just 18 months ago I was terrified of public speaking – ice in my veins, no thoughts in my head kind of terrified. Why say yes?

Significant change is possible

There’s something strange that happens inside my head when I’m trying to make big changes in my life. I decide what I want and start going after it. In some barely conscious way, I appear to want the change without actually having to adjust anything I’m doing.