Kindness is a foundational part of our business philosophy. You’ll experience this in our caring and compassionate attitude. You’ll feel it in the openness of our conversations. In the calm, safe space of coaching, you’ll find energy for reflection and growth. You’ll walk away encouraged.


During our coaching sessions, you’ll feel what it’s like to have someone focused on you and what you need. No distractions. Our skills and experience will guide the conversation to give you insight and help you move towards your goals.


We believe in helping you remember your strengths, connecting you to your wisdom, building on what you already know, helping you feel more confident and reminding you to be compassionate with yourself.

I learned that I am more resilient than I thought.

Beyond The Shadow coaching client


Being courageous is a foundation of our business. We’ll compassionately hold you accountable, believe in your potential, gently challenge you, tell you what others won’t, be clear and ask you thought provoking questions to help you move forward.

Coaching made me feel more confident and capable.

Janna, Beyond The Shadow Coaching Client


We believe in providing excellent coaching and delivering on our promises.


We provide certified coaching. We are committed to ethical practices, devoted to excellence and to ongoing training to serve our clients in the most effective ways.