Client Successes

My name is Helen, and I am an educator plus a full-time graduate student. This time last year, my life felt unbalanced, with so many demands on my time, including commitments to family, work, school and friends. My health was starting to suffer and, although I tried several strategies to find balance, I was struggling to set boundaries and to live a life that honoured my values. After working with Sue as a life coach, I made changes that were beyond my hopes. Sue focused on whatever I felt I needed coaching on for each session. She allowed me to be the “expert” on my own life and responded to both verbal and nonverbal cues to guide me where I needed to go. She used her amazing ability to fully attend to what I said to offer insightful observations that I didn’t see at first, but which I recognized as true as soon as she said them. Sue was instrumental in helping me to clarify my values, become more assertive, and to find balance between commitments and fulfilling my own needs. I would recommend Sue most highly to anyone desiring to live a more courageous life that’s aligned with their values. Helen, Educator and full-time graduate student

Through coaching with Sue, I identified my core values, learned how those values drive my actions, and developed strategies to identify and navigate challenges when I don’t honour these values. This has allowed me to be more reflective and intentional in my day-to-day life. If you’re interested and open to coaching, I would highly recommend Sue! MO, graduate student

Coaching made me feel more confident and capable of doing things that would have made me worried before.

Janna, graduate student

During my time working with Sue, I learned a lot about myself and some unconscious behaviours I was holding onto. She helped me to get clear on my goals, in a supportive way. Sue is a very empathic listener. I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts with her; she was a great support system for me. I highly recommend her as a coach. Allison, HR professional

I had the pleasure of working with Sue Das for the past 6 months. We met twice a month for coaching. Each session left me pondering, thinking and taking action. It always amazed me what Sue could pull out of our initial conversation – a struggle or focal point for us to work on. From there, we took the rest of the session to understand the struggle or issue or goal that I had and set a plan of what to do with it over the next 2 weeks. All of this leading to developing my courage, my voice and my vision for my life. Sue’s kind words, thought-provoking questions and calm demeanor allow you to feel at ease and open so that you can grow and develop the rapport with her as a coach. Amanda, Insurance Broker

Life coaching with Sue has really helped me move forward with my life on so many levels. I was able to learn self-reflection and how to verbalize my goals and aspirations while having someone there motivating me and rooting for me to succeed. Sue has a really relaxing and soothing voice. This helped calm my anxieties, and I knew she listened to me every step of the way. She taught me how to listen to my inner strength and how to use this tool to shut out any negative thoughts in my head that were preventing me from moving forward with my life. Michelle, Non-profit sector

Sue has a unique gift for asking exceptionally thought-provoking and poignant questions to help you to think deeply about yourself and uncover either long forgotten traits or find ones you didn’t know you had. Through our conversations, we have done work that has helped me develop strategies to deal with the anxiety that has stopped me from living a full life. Tracey, teacher

Everyone, regardless of their profession or goals, needs someone like Sue in their life. She meets you where you’re at and walks with you to greater places, helping you to reach your full potential and realize your incredible worth. I have been able to overcome and work through some huge hindrances in my life and business. Carrie, jewelry designer

I have been able to overcome and work through some huge hindrances in my life and business.

Carrie, jewelry designer