Learning Self Compassion

One of the most significant things I’ve learned this year is how to be more compassionate with myself. Mostly, I find it reasonably easy to be kind and gracious to others, but it is a different story when I try to be this way with myself. Here’s what I’ve learned about self compassion this year and one simple technique I use to remind myself to put it into practice.

This Week’s Photos

One of the ways I practice self compassion is by giving myself time to breathe. I often do this by walking in the woods. Here are some of the things I saw on this week’s walks. I take pictures because it helps me pause and appreciate what I see in front of me. This is part of my personal mental fitness practice.


I will be running another 6-week mental fitness course starting on August 14thConnect with me before August 7th if you want to register or get more information. Here are some of the things the latest cohort said about the course.

  • I loved the program! You have the ability to pick up on what we needed to hear without knowing us very well and instill the confidence to just try it.
  • I feel a lot more confident and at ease. I realize my problem was never confidence, it was courage. This was a great experience.
  • It’s been truly life-changing! Thank you. I’ve learned to be kinder to myself and others.
  • I feel happier, more confident and freer. I’ve learned to get out of my own head. I’ve rediscovered that I am stronger than I thought I was.
  • This was a really good experience!

You can find out more about the 6-week mental fitness course here.

Sue Das, CPCC, ACC, B Soc Sc (SW)

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