Benefit from what you’re already doing

Multitasking is part of our culture. Have you ever seen someone talking and texting, eating and driving, reading and listening?

It’s easy to slip into multitasking. It seems efficient but is it really helping?

One way this shows up for me is thinking and planning while walking or swimming. While this is certainly not as bad as some of the other examples I gave, is it really most helpful for me? In some ways the thinking and planning takes me away from what I’m currently doing (and perhaps that is the goal if you don’t like exercise). I consciously tried a different approach as I swam this week – doing PQ reps on my swim. PQ reps are part of the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness course. They are an intense focus on one physical sensation at a time for short periods. They are used to change brain activation – to calm stress and other negative emotions and activate the more positive, creative, happy parts of your brain.

As I swam breaststroke, I listened to the soft sounds of the water. As I swam crawl, I looked at the sunlight dancing on the bottom of the pool. As I did backstroke, I looked up at the clouds. The swim became less like a brainstorming session and more like an active meditation. It was so peaceful!

I want to share with you today how a friend of mine did her own version of PQ reps and felt such a positive impact.

This Week’s Photos

This week I have enjoyed some misty walks, watching my dog get curious in the woods and seeing the eye-catching raindrops on leaves.


I took part in a corporate teambuilding day last week. It went really well. I’m celebrating that this week. I’m also excited that one of my coaching clients has decided to continue into a second year of coaching! I love coaching people who are too hard of themselves to go from stressed to refreshed.

You can find out more about coaching with me, the mental fitness course or connect with me here.

Sue Das, CPCC, ACC, CPQC, B Soc Sc (SW)

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