Sue not only excels at coaching, she excels at making you feel good about who you are. Whatever my mood is when I begin a conversation with Sue, I am always launched into a happy, feel-good, inspirational, positive, honest, loving, caring, I can do anything I set my mind to type mood when we are finished our session. I always appreciate Sue’s encouragement. She’s a real loving person who genuinely wants you to succeed. She makes me feel like I can fight giant spider monsters on Mars, THAT’S how good she is! Spencer Higgins, Comedian/Writer

Sue has a unique gift for asking exceptionally thought-provoking and poignant questions to help you to think deeply about yourself and uncover either long forgotten traits or find ones you didn’t know you had. Through our conversations, we have done work that has helped me develop strategies to deal with the anxiety that has stopped me from living a full life. Tracey M, teacher

Everyone, regardless of their profession or goals, needs someone like Sue in their life. She meets you where you’re at and walks with you to greater places, helping you to reach your full potential and realize your incredible worth. I have been able to overcome and work through some huge hindrances in my life and business. Carrie Schultz, jewelry designer


  • Learn to be kinder to yourself
  • Learn to trust yourself more
  • Learn to make hard decisions with greater ease.
  • Learn how to tune out constant self-criticism
  • Start listening to the wisest, boldest, bravest version of you.
  • Get practical tools to help you live with fewer regrets.
  • Find your courage.
  • Grow your confidence.
  • Discover what matters to you the most
  • Discover what your version of an extraordinary life looks like and take steps towards achieving that kind of life.

I welcome clients from all over the world – coaching is mostly done by phone. If you would like more information about coaching with me or to experience an introductory session at no cost to you, please contact me using the form below.




Awaken your Extraordinary!