Grace for Today

I was reminded early this morning in my half-waking that I strategically avoided any end-of-year reflections or goal setting for the new year for many years. It was my way of avoiding disappointment and fear of failure. Mostly, that has changed for me now.

There is a lot of pressure to start fresh at this time of year to visualize what you want the upcoming year to be or become something new yourself. While the new year does provide a natural break in the calendar that can facilitate this kind of reflection, it is certainly not the only time one can give thought to who one wants to be and the type of impact one wants to have in the world.

At times, those new year’s reflections can feel like they will take more energy than we have. Especially on the back of this past year, many are feeling exhausted or are dealing with loss. If this is you, today’s encouragement is not to beat yourself up if you are struggling to find the get-up and go for the new year. My words for today’s blog are grace, kindness and compassion. Listen.

This Week’s Photos

One of the ways I refuel and reenergize is by taking myself out for a walk each day. It’s the exercise itself and the encouragement to connect with nature that are acts of self-kindness. This last month or so, I’ve extended that time because I needed it, and I walk about 5 km a day. Here are some pictures of those recent walks.

If you’re interested in finding out more about one on one coaching with me or mental fitness, please connect. The registration for the mental fitness course starting on January 9th is now closed. If you want to do the course, let me know and I will put you on a wait list for the next one.

Sue Das, CPCC, ACC, B Soc Sc (SW)

3 thoughts on “Grace for Today

  1. such a good idea Sue, especially in view of last year, kindness to one’s self and to others is so important.

    love your icy photos

    love sally

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