Becoming Part 5 – Awareness, Vision & Courage

This post is the fifth in a series of blogs in which I will examine the transitions of the last 18 months – from administrator to writer, coach and speaker.

Awareness creates choice. Vision fuels transformation. Courage moves us forward. These three together – awareness, vision and courage – birth aliveness and contribution.

The new awareness that I could write, create and maintain a website and inspire people enough that they would want to keep reading, made me wonder what else I could do that I had not yet imagined. The recognition of what I had already created opened possibilities for more. I thought back to another time in my life that awareness had expanded choices in my mind. My journey had started 18 years back with a deep knowledge that fear was the centre point of my life. It was the awareness that changed something for me. On both occasions – 18 years ago, and in 2017 I realized that I had the choice to remain as I was or the opportunity to do something different. I chose to change.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

― Anais Nin

Some people live for change. It energizes them. I am not one of those people, but somehow stopping long enough to really see where I was, who I was, not only created awareness of the present but also birthed the flickering of a vision for something else – a different future. 18 years ago, I envisioned an expanded life for myself, one that was not ruled by fear. 2 years ago, I dreamed about a life where I could use my energies to inspire others and to contribute something. I dreamed of a world where we all have the desire and capacity to overcome whatever life has thrown at us. I imagined lives that are emotionally and mentally uncluttered, where all people are free to be the expanded, upgraded version of themselves, where contribution is the natural outcome. I dreamed about a world where this kind of extraordinary becomes ordinary. It was this vision, this desire to see something different for myself and for those around me that fueled my transformation.

If it was a vision that gave me the desire to change, it was courage that moved me forward. Despite a compelling vision of the future, the distance between where I was and where I wanted to be seemed enormous. Significant change is possible, but it is not easy. After years of practising courage, I was ready to take a step onto a new path – one that aligned solidly with my vision for the future. Feeling a taste of being able to inspire more people than I imagined through my blog, I knew I wanted to be able to work through the nitty gritty part of life with those who wanted more than just inspirational reading material. As I said in part four of this series, our repeated choices eventually become our story, and if we’re going to see a change in our lives, it is there, in the small, daily decisions, that we must focus our attention. I wanted to be the person to walk the road of change with those who wanted the company, and so my journey towards becoming a certified life coach and entrepeneur began.

To be continued…

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