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Knowing there is something I need to take care of and not finding a way to take a step towards it creates a weighty cocktail of frustration and anxiety. Suspended in this place of seeing the destination without finding the ability to take the next step, I am weighed down by what feels like a thousand pounds. With some variations one might have a similar feeling in putting off fixing a relationship, finishing an assignment, making that medical appointment or even getting to your huge to do list.

For quite a while now I have been considering something – looking at it from every angle, thinking out all possible outcomes, worrying about it. Finally this week, sick of being filled with this negative swirling of emotion whenever I thought about this issue, I realised that taking some action – any action – was better than being stuck in that heavy place full of frustration and anxiety. My realization was this – any step (even a wrong one) is better than making no move at all. The transformative power is in making a choice and then taking some action. I reminded myself that it will either be a good choice or it won’t. If it’s not, my world will not end; some of the most powerful learning and growth comes when we make mistakes. Having let go of the idea that there is a perfect next move and it’s my job to find it, I was spurred on to action. The result was that I felt buoyant and energized. Gone was the frustration, the anxiety and the weight of a decision not made.

In the words of Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until it’s done”

Nelson Mandela quote

Here’s to ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

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  1. As always Sue, you have made me stop and consider the difference between making a decision and JUST moving forward, or muddling in the wasted, and extremely stressful time of waffling all over the place and constantly living in that turmoil of indecision. Thank you as always for your words of wisdom and helping me to sit back and contemplate this.


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