What this Childhood Story Taught me About Overcoming Fear

It was the middle of nowhere, South Africa. One of the unusual things about this place was how dark it was at night. We had no electricity (only a generator) and around 9 pm my grandfather, who got up with the sunrise, would turn off the generator. At that moment, no matter what you were doing, you were plunged into darkness. Deep darkness.


Making your authentic-self visible is a choice to rebel against a norm that says your value comes from presenting a perfect image to the world. It doesn’t.


Perhaps life should come with a safety announcement like the one you receive when boarding an aircraft. Turbulence seems to come at the most unexpected times. One can be figuratively flying along through life’s calm skies when suddenly, for no apparent reason, the flight is no longer smooth.


(Estimated reading time 1 1/2 minutes) Knowing there is something I need to take care of and not finding a way to take a step towards it creates a weighty cocktail of frustration and anxiety. Suspended in this place of seeing the destination without finding the ability to take the next step, I am weighed […]