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Here’s a game changing question I asked myself this week.


For me this question opened up the possibility of future options I had not yet considered. For some reason asking the question this way stripped away the fear of failure and got down deep to the root of what I love, what inspires me and the best way I think I can contribute. Instead of immediately discounting my ideas as impractical or impossible, I was trying to figure out ways around the roadblocks to that future. In the real world no one can promise you won’t fail, but what I love about this question is that, for a moment, it had me in a place where dreams opened up and hope became a tangible thing.

If this question resonates with you and you thought of something you might do in your personal or professional life if failure wasn’t part of the equation, then these next words are for you.

You may feel powerless, weak, not good enough or afraid. You are stronger than you think. You are more talented and resilient than you imagine. Act courageously even if you don’t feel courageous. Lean into confidence. Let go of fear. You are significant. Your life and your choices matter.

So, what  would you choose differently today if you knew you would not fail? Write it down and take some action.

Photo by Guillaume Bolduc on Unsplash


I’m passionate about helping people recognize what’s holding them back and inspiring them to move beyond the shadows towards clarity, courage and confidence. If you know someone who would benefit from this blog please share it with them.


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