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I had the opportunity to be a guest on a radio show this week. I agreed to do it not because I felt confident but because I’m learning how to lean into courage. I have to tell you that in the days following my “yes” and leading up to the interview I kept asking myself what exactly it was that I thought I had to share with others. The old shadows started resurfacing. It wasn’t the kind of asking myself that was preparing some specifics of what to say in the interview, it was more of an accusation. What right do you have? Why would they want to listen to you? But I pressed on knowing that the other side of leaning into courage is letting go of fear and that these two practises are an important part of stepping beyond your shadows.

Your shadows will diminish you every time. They will obscure your vision until you believe things that are not true about yourself or your situation. Stepping beyond them is not a single act of daring. It is a thousand small decisions that propel you forward. It is the seemingly insignificant, everyday decisions that make the biggest impact.

So, what exactly is a shadow and how do you recognize them in your life? What can you do to move beyond them? These are some of the things I discussed with Gail Barker this past week during our interview on her show Your Life Your Way.  Listen to the podcast

I hope you can tune in to hear my top five daily practises that will help you move beyond your shadows.

I’m passionate about helping people recognize what’s holding them back and inspiring them to move beyond the shadows towards clarity, compassion, courage and confidence.

single act of daring.

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