What do you Need?

I’ve been feeling a desperate need to have this winter over. I am tired of looking at the same landscape. I have a deep desire for warmth and colour. I realize I can’t use my super mind powers to speed up the departure of winter (or of the pandemic for that matter), but perhaps creativity is all that is needed to temporarily ease things.

Yesterday, my husband, son and I went to a butterfly conservatory an hour or so away. This is not something we would normally do. I figured it would have a unique combination of the warmth and colour I was longing for and I was not disappointed. To feel the heat, hear the sounds of running water, see the colourful flowers and butterflies was a little bit of therapy. The change in routine didn’t hurt either!

I continued to look closely this past week for things I can celebrate even when life conditions are not ideal. For those who are on social media, you may have seen me post this earlier in the week.

As I walked last night in the mix of mud and ice, I reminded myself to look more closely at the mucky ground for the beauty that was hidden there. It’s much easier to find it in Spring, Summer, Fall or even in the freshly fallen snow of early Winter. It’s harder in March when I’m desperate for colour and warmth. Despite that, I found things to celebrate. Looking at these icicles under my feet reminded me of Paul Simon’s song Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes. There I was, walking through mud, ice and diamonds. What a life!

This week I am also grateful for a couple of times it was warm enough to sit outside to watch the sun go down or have a fire. These, like the trip to see the butterflies, have been ways to change the routine a little and feel a little like the winter is almost over.

We can’t always have exactly what we need, but sometimes we can get creative and give ourselves some stamina by easing things for a while.

What do you need?

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Sue Das, CPCC, ACC, B Soc Sc (SW)

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