What do you Need?

I’ve been feeling a desperate need to have this winter over. I am tired of looking at the same landscape. I have a deep desire for warmth and colour. I realize I can’t use my super mind powers to speed up the departure of winter (or of the pandemic for that matter), but perhaps creativity is all that is needed to temporarily ease things.

How to Find the Remarkable in Yourself

You are remarkable. Perhaps you don’t feel like that is true. I assure you; it is. If I spent time with you, I’d be able to see it. I could see things in you that you don’t see in yourself. I could find and celebrate things in you that you haven’t even thought about. That’s about insight, but it’s also about knowing where to look.

Living a Life You’re Proud of

(Estimated reading time 2 minutes) What’s the difference between who you think you have to be and who you want to be? This question was highlighted for me earlier in the week as I thought about getting accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and taking the required exam. Part of my old story, who […]