Loss and Perseverance

My walk this morning closely resembled my emotional and mental landscape at present – somewhat mucky and muddy, a bit slippery, drizzly, overcast and minus a lot of the usual things that bring me joy.

I decided to walk anyway. And that’s the muddy track I’m taking through this process of loss and grief – my present reality. I remind myself of the things that generally help me to feel grounded, alive, purposeful.  Not everything applies. Some things do – walking, writing and reflecting, praying, helping others, favourite books and movies. I try to include some of these in my days – to persevere through the messiness of loss and grief.

I’m hoping that doing the things that have helped me feel grounded in the past will help me find my way back to this new version of myself, which feels forever altered.

As I walked I came across this little painted stone in the woods. There are smiles to be had, even in the dismal grey.

May the greyness of grief be tinged with the gold of joyful remembrance.

Peter Grobler, Friend (and the guy who married my husband and I, 28 years ago)


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