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The power of perseverance is entirely underrated.

We live in this culture where complex problems are resolved in a one-hour TV show, most of our needs can be met instantly, and everything is on-demand. In this world, we feel like we are doing something wrong, or it’s just not worth it if we have to put in even a little bit of effort. We’ve been duped.

Nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Life is often challenging. That is normal. In the middle of the hard, we have this excellent opportunity to develop our ability to persevere, to persist in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. And in building up our ability to endure, we give ourselves a great gift. Don’t give up. Don’t give in to resignation.

Keep showing up.

Keep being kind.

Keep dreaming.

Keep being hopeful.

Keep finding joy.

Keep being courageous.

Keep growing.

Keep encouraging each other.

Keep persevering.

This Week’s Photos

I’m an amateur photographer. Here are three of my favourite photos from this week in hounour of perseverance. Whatever your style of movement, keep creeping, growing or flying.

Sue Das, CPCC, ACC, B Soc Sc (SW)

The work I do as a coach focuses on personal growth. That could include but is not limited to: developing courage, clarifying values and honouring those values in your life, setting boundaries, becoming more assertive, developing self-awareness and confidence, setting goals, finding your inner strength, identifying and dealing with the thoughts that sabotage you, support in making changes or in going through transitions, and work on discovering your life purpose. Personal growth can have a profound and positive impact on your career, your work and personal relationships and your general satisfaction with life. Connect with me here if you are interested in coaching.


  1. Yes, sometimes we must persevere. But sometimes quitting is the right thing to do … Quit a bad job, quit a toxic relationship, quit pursuing an unrealistic dream, etc.

    I’d like a post with your thoughts on this: How do we decide whether to “keep on keeping on” or whether it’s time to quit and move on? What questions should we ask ourselves? How do we process this decision?

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  2. Another wonderful thing that benefits from perseverance is playing a musical instrument. You don’t have to practice like a maniac, just keep poking away at learning to play some notes and chords, and after a couple of years you will be very glad that you kept at it

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