Wake Up Your Courage

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I’ve been thinking a lot in these past weeks about what it means to honour our values. Not to be consciously living your values leaves you with a growing sense of disconnection from self and purpose, a vague, often unidentifiable, dissatisfaction with life and quite often with a feeling of being stuck. This reminded me of a graphic I created some time ago about taking courageous action which I’ve shared again in this blog.

Courage is something I value. I needed to activate it this week as I prepared to do my final oral exam for certification. (The exam was yesterday. I had to coach one examiner from Beijing and one from New York. I’ll hear in a week or two how I did. If I pass, I will have my C.P.P.C designation.) I was reminded as I prepared, that one can’t be courageous unless one is also afraid. Fear doesn’t come by sitting comfortably in what is known, but by stretching into what is unknown, trying something new and growing your personal boundaries. For me that also means trusting God with more than I have before and being willing to serve in ways that might at first feel out of reach.

Courageous Action Can Help Get You Unstuck

There’s something about feeling stuck that can leave us frustrated, depressed and lacking confidence. That’s where making a bold move that will immediately challenge our self-limiting beliefs and get us moving forward is beneficial. A success, even a small one, helps creates momentum and increased confidence.


If you’re thinking about coaching, now is a great time to connect. My rates will be going up in September as I’ll have my C.P.C.C designation. If you reach out to me before the end of August and book your first session in September I’ll hold my current rates for you for 6 months. Learn more about coaching with me.

I had a powerful experience with my coach this week – there are some things that are just hard to get to on your own (believe me, I tried). I was so nervous about my exam that I was finding it hard to focus on anything. Gail Barker helped me find a new and empowering perspective that enabled me to go into the exam calm, focused and confident. It made a world of difference!

Hear it From my Clients

I got this wonderful testimonial from Amanda Barth this week. Thank you, Amanda!

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