Remembering where you came from can be an illuminating exercise.

A year ago, I took the Fundamentals Workshop through the Coaches Training Institute. It was the beginning of my journey to becoming a coach. This week I am assisting at the same workshop. It was exciting to dive into the material again yesterday and to relive my own first exposure to it through the eyes of the new participants. I remember vividly that this workshop called me to access the most powerful version of myself as I stepped into unknown territory. I remember feeling overwhelmed and captivated at the same time. I recall having to stretch my limits by practising techniques we had only just learned and by doing so risking making a fool of myself. Doing something without lots of practice was new for me. Excessive preparation was part of how I managed fear and how perfectionism showed up. I would learn that trusting my capacity and dancing in this moment are important parts of this model of coaching. Dancing in this moment is about trust and letting go of perfect. It’s about curiosity and joy. It is about tapping into the power and information that is in the present.

The most obvious observation I made yesterday during day one of the course was this: while I may overestimate how much I can do in one day, I underestimated how far I could come in just one year. #celebrating

I work with women to awaken the courage to find their version of extraordinary and live it! I’d love to put my honours degree in social work and my expertise in coaching to work for you. Connect with me here.

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