What will you Create Today?

(Estimated reading time 1 minute)

Will you create more connection today or live isolated and disconnected? Will you be stressed and anxious or do you choose calm? Will you disappear without thought into your day or will you choose to live consciously in a way that honours who you are? Will you be fully present or somewhat absent? Will you create from scarcity and fear or will it be from abundance and love?

The day is open before you. What do you choose?

Practical Tips for Being Intentional

I have begun a practice of creating intentionally not only for the day but for the month ahead. Last month, I found it incredibly helpful to do this check in created by @heyamberrae. I used a giant yellow sticky note, wrote out my answers to the questions and attached it to my desk so that I could see it all month. Give it a try!

For a beginning of the day check in try this:

“Intentional living is the art of making our own choices before others’ choices make us.”

Richie Norton

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