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There are moments when you know you have heard something profound, something meant to illuminate your path. This jewel of an idea was suspended in front of me, a soft voice easily missed among a quartet of others. I took hold of the idea lightly, almost carelessly at first, not realizing it’s value. The thought grew into a question, strengthening with the passing hours. Are you living your Great Story?
“I think so,” I reply tentatively to myself. “I’m working hard to be who I am, not who I think I should be. I am listening attentively, facing my fear, being courageous, wanting to make a difference.”
In the quietness of my own heart, I realize I am still living my Overcoming Story. I am focused too intently on the long gone and somewhat out of reach to help propel me forward. From the outside, the actions of my life may look the same, but on the inside, I know it’s time for the shift from what was to what is. I need to let go of my Overcoming Story to move forward. Letting go is the moment where I allow myself to step well beyond the shadows, relinquish the voices self-doubt and sabotage, settle more entirely into who I am, and find my place in the Great Story.


Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Thanks to my friend Gail Barker for introducing me to the idea of the three stories – the Victim Story, the Overcoming Story and the Great Story. Gail is a certified life and leadership coach and has been trained in The Great Story Coaching Program, offered through Lucid Living. You can listen to my conversation with Gail on the subject of belonging, on Sunday April 1st at 8:30 am EST on her radio show Your Life, Your Way (106.9 the X)


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