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I remember the first day we met – anxiety pouring out of your mouth so that you didn’t have time to breathe, anger your armour. I was new and had no idea how to engage with you. You were terrifying.  I remember your words stripping my skin off and revealing my fear. I hoped and prayed I would never have to see you again.

Somehow over the years I found a way to be present in your normal, to breathe deep and stay still when your anxiety came like a flood over my lungs and made me feel like I had no oxygen. Each time a little braver I reached into your personal crazy to leave thoughts hanging like potential. Each time relieved that I got out unscathed, not sure if any of it left a mark.

Today is the first time I have seen you reach outside your own pandemonium. I didn’t think you could get there or that you had the capacity to think about anything other than your racing thoughts and personal drama. I was wrong.

I had hoped over the years that I could change your world. I didn’t realise you would change mine. Today you showed me that even when our efforts feel hopelessly inadequate, it’s worth trying because transformation isn’t always visible from the outside and because sometimes our efforts can change the world.

Here’s to living with clarity, courage, compassion and confidence!

Transformation isn't always visible from the outside


  1. Perhaps changing the world isn’t as important as we’ve been led to believe, but rather, making a real difference in our corner of the world is what truly what matters. I know you’ve made a real difference in many people’s lives, and am grateful for all you have done, and will continue to do.


    1. Thanks for your comment Sue. I have always believed that changing the world is not about changing the whole world but about making an impact with the person who is in front of you and as you say, making a real difference in our corner. I love that our choices really do matter and make an impact not only on us but also on those around us.


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