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Growing up on the coast, the beach has always held a special attraction for me. One of my favourite things as the day starts or ends is walking. As I feel the sand under my feet and listen to the rhythmic sound of the waves my thoughts loosen and my stress evaporates. There is something about the changing colours in the sky, the constant crash of the waves and the endless grains of sand that has a way of grounding me, reminding me that my current circumstances are not all that is, the universe is bigger than the swirl of my thoughts, and time will pass leaving what consumes me now to drift beyond reach.

I don’t live near the ocean. I don’t often get to walk the beach at sunset , feeling the sand and hearing the waves as the day comes to rest. Valuing the peace and perspective it brings I’ve had to look for a new, closer-to-home option because ,unfortunately, stress has a way of reaching into the everyday and not waiting conveniently until we are in the perfect place to unwind. So I walk in the woods, listening to the rustle of the leaves, the sounds of the birds and feeling the solidity of the earth beneath my feet. As I walk, I’m reminded to be thankful for this present moment because the past has slipped away and the future is not promised

Here’s to living with clarity, courage, compassion and confidence!

Your current circumstances are not all that is.


    1. I actually think of my walks on the beach or in the woods as a kind of active meditation and find that they do wonders! Thanks for commenting John!


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