At the start of the year, I was doing a coaching exercise to determine values in 4 main areas of life – work, love, health and play (It was the one found on page 223 of The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris). I had this startling realization 💡that I wasn’t even sure I knew what play was. I decided that I would take time this year to explore what I might consider fun or playful. There are lots of things I enjoy or find meaningful. Play has a different flavour to it.

Here’s what I’ve tried almost two months into the year:

  1. Feeding birds out of my hand at the Pinery Provincial Park. Fun.✅
  2. Painting pottery with a friend at Muggs Coffeebar and Clayroom. Fun.✅
  3. Doing several line dancing classes at Needham school of Dance. Fun.✅
  4. Going to see Boom X at The Grand with my husband. Fun.✅
  5. Wine tasting with friends. (Full disclosure this one is not new.) Fun.✅
  6. Watching my adorable granddaughter jump in her Jolly Jumper. FUN✅✅✅

Coaching update

I’ve been loving my work with Lyra Health as a mental health coach and continuing to see my private clients. My caseload has been full for the past two months which I’m very excited about.


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