Add a Little Love and Grace to Your Day

This week’s post will take only a minute or less to read. I’m sharing two incredibly helpful questions I found to bookend your day. Yesterday, I was having a horrible day, and these questions made a difference. They added a little love and grace to my day.

I found the questions in Kate Bowler’s Life Together Apart Easter devotional.(@katebowler on Instagram or

As I was walking today, I saw this heart and the nail. It reminded me of love and sacrifice as I was contemplating Easter, and the love battery check reflection question which is particularly helpful to those who are givers by default.(See below)

How much energy do you have to give today? Depending on whether you have a full tank, are running on empty or perhaps have your energy somewhere in between, make some adjustments to your day. If your tank is empty, stop and refuel.

What was the best choice you made today? I used this question for reflection a few hours before bedtime. While I felt I had made some good choices, the question inspired me to tackle something that had been hanging over me for a long time. It was very encouraging to get it done. Let the question help guide actions today that you’ll be proud of as you reflect at the end of the day.

Pictures of Spring

I was very happy to find Spring popping up everywhere in the woods today.


Interested in who I coach, how I help and what brought me to do this kind of work? Here’s a quick 7 minute interview with the people at Noomii. I‘d love you to listen and pass my name on to anyone who comes to mind as I describe the women I coach.
Thankful for this wonderful client who left me this review on the Noomii coach directory.

Sue Das, CPCC, ACC, CPQC, B Soc Sc (SW)

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