Recover, Rebuild, Reclaim

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This past month has been all about adaptability – recovering balance – rebuilding in a new and creative way and reclaiming what was lost.

Last Friday we celebrated the marriage of our oldest son, James, to Julia. Although the wedding was not the same one that was initially planned (because of the pandemic), it was an incredible day! Having to recover from our disappointment at the event not being able to go ahead as planned was hard, but instead of the pandemic restrictions making the wedding less than we intended, creatively rebuilding it made the wedding even more memorable and unique. The intimate and heart-felt ceremony was one I will never forget!

James and Julia, June 26 2020

A personal growth victory (as a previously terrified public speaker) was giving a short speech at the wedding without having any notes. There was no rigorous practice beforehand. It was quite liberating! I was thrilled to hear from a couple of people that the speech was well done. (Thanks, Toastmasters!) I’m celebrating having built the trust that I would be able to speak to these two people I love, eloquently and from my heart.

Putting attention and effort into something you want to develop does make a difference.

I am also celebrating being able to reclaim my office after six months of intense renovation to our house. My office became our make-shift kitchen for the first half of 2020. The building project is still ongoing, but I am thankful that I can start reclaiming the space.

Playing and painting

As I painted, I thought about what else I want to reclaim. There are some things over these past months while my attention was elsewhere, that have slipped away.

What have you lost in these last months? What do you want to recover, reclaim or rebuild?

I’m setting my attention and energy to re-establishing and re-vitalizing healthy routines and practices, and on rebuilding what I’ve let go. I’m moving forward, hopeful and determined.

What about you?

Nothing says celebrating quite like this picture of James the night before his wedding!

I’d love to connect with you about coaching if you want to move forward but are not sure how.

Sue Das, CPCC, ACC, B Soc Sc (SW)

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