Pursuing Passion & Purpose

(Estimated reading time 30 seconds)

What makes you feel proud of yourself? More confident? Excited about tomorrow? Not sure?

Here’s an exercise which looks at the past three months, the current month and the next three months. When you take time to think about these questions, notice if there are any themes of the kind of things that make you feel proud, want to celebrate, feel more confident, be more connected to your sense of purpose and feel excited about what’s coming up. Use any common themes to help you choose what to include more often in your life.

Coaching Update

I’ve added some new coaching packages if you want to check them out.

This week I became a member of the International Coaches Federation and am currently pursuing my ACC designation through the ICF. I’ll keep you updated on how that goes. This is something that makes me feel proud of myself, on purpose and excited about the future!

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