A Quick Technique for Getting Unstuck

Last week, I wrote about making a change that feels overdue and how to go about getting unstuck by doing something radical, something courageous. This week I was playing with creating a visual aid for that process.

There’s something about feeling stuck that can leave us feeling frustrated, depressed and lacking confidence. That’s where making a bold move that will immediately challenge our self limiting beliefs and get us moving forward is beneficial. A success, even a small one, helps creates momentum and increased confidence.

On a personal note, I am delighted to have completed my certification program with the Coaches Training Institute. School finished yesterday and so today I am enjoying a slow day. I am waiting for the results of my written exam. Still to come is my oral exam. It’s been an amazing process going back to school at 50 years old, maybe I’ll write about that sometime. For now, I’m taking a well-earned rest!


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