I recently began my coaching certification program – a 6-month training course through CTI to develop mastery in my coaching skills. As part of this next-level training, I need to have some additional clients to broaden my range of practice. I am required to do 100 paid hours of coaching before I can take the exams at the end of April 2019. I am looking for some additional clients to help me do those 100 hours of coaching within the next 6 months.

As a result, I am asking for your help and I am offering you, those who follow my blog, a drastically reduced rate.

Benefits for you:

  • A partner to support you in determining and creating what your version of an extraordinary life looks like.
  • Support in the actions that you will take to determine and achieve your goals. Often these actions are relatively small but make a tremendous impact.
  • The opportunity to develop your confidence, learn to trust yourself, discover what matters most to you, tune out constant self-criticism, learn to make hard decisions with greater ease, get connected with the wisest, boldest, bravest version of you.
  • A significantly reduced coaching fee. The monthly cost would be C$100. More experienced coaches receive a monthly payment of $300 to $500. If you’ve ever thought you might like to try coaching, this is the time to do it!

My Offer to you

  • 6 months of one-on-one coaching
  • C$100 per month (I will keep those reduced rates for you for those 6 months even though my regular monthly price, currently C$160, will increase early in 2019)
  • Conditions of offer: Registration before October 21st, 2018, Coaching must begin by mid-November at the latest.

If you would like to talk about my offer or know someone who might be interested, I’d love to chat with you. You can Connect with me here.


  1. Thanks, Sue for the radio broadcast this morning. Both Cathy and I enjoyed it very much. Well done! Jen. C.


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