One Step

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What’s the one step you could take to help get you moving in the right direction?

It often only takes one thing to get the ball rolling. It doesn’t even need to be the right thing. It could be anything, like taking that first step towards speaking up, admitting aloud that you are struggling or choosing to listen instead of assuming you know. What’s one thing that will get you moving in the right direction?

For me, the one thing this week is choosing to stay present to the voices crying out against racism and allowing those cries to land on me and in me. As they settle, despite not wanting to own any of it, I’m asking what I’m thinking, doing or not doing that perpetuates racism. What’s my part in it? What can I do to help change things? This is hard. My one step forward is choosing to stay in it.

What is your one step?

Sue Das, Courage Coach, CPCC, ACC, B Soc Sc (SW)

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Thanks to Craig Meyer for allowing me to use this picture. Photo credit Kirsten Meyer

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