Letter to my Sons

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Dear James and Jonathan,

I know it feels like we have lots of time. In truth, none us know how long we’ve got – in our present circumstances, with our friends, family members or even in this life. Having been reminded of this recently, an assault on the notion of endless tomorrows, I am writing to let you know what I wish I had known at your age. I am sure there is more, but for now this is my top 10 list.

5 thoughts on “Letter to my Sons

  1. Love this Sue ­ you are so wise in some one so young

    I have a book written by Jack Penn called ³Letters to my Son² written in 1955 published in 1975 ISBN 0 07 091296 3. I am sure that it is out of print ­ but I remember buying it when my boys were young and so enjoying the wisdom written by this man to his son at boarding school. So beautiful.

    Well done again Sue. I see that at the bottom on your article you have the option to put on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. I know this is your thoughts but would you mind is I shared them with my boys?

    Love Sal Paterson-Tolliss

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