3 Questions to Keep You Moving Forward

(Estimated reading time 1 minute)

What am I doing to stay connected to my purpose?

This is about reminding yourself of the impact you want to have and the way you want to serve. It’s about reminding yourself what makes you feel alive and like you’re making a difference. It’s about being connected to a big, non-specific sense of what you want for your life.

What am I doing to keep the focus?

This is about getting clear on the specifics of what it looks like presently for you to be living on purpose. It’s is about identifying things that are taking you off track and dealing with them. It’s about being persistent.

What am I doing to keep improving my skills?

This is about getting good at what you do, feeling like you’re constantly in forward motion and evolving.

This blog was inspired by this 3-minute Ted Talk by Richard St John that’s had more than 13,000,000 views.

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Experience what it’s like to have a shift in perspective.

What you’ll need is a specific situation where you feel stuck or like you have no choice in how you see it. You’ll also need a desire to see things differently and a willingness to try something new.

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