On Snakes, Plan B and a Different Perspective on Navigating Change

I was planning to write my blog this afternoon and got somewhat derailed after my dog found a rather unusual and unnerving looking snake on our pre-blog-writing walk. Of course, I wanted some affirmation about what the snake was, so I put it on Facebook, and that was that. Blog writing derailed. It’s incredible how much posting a picture of a big snake will light things up online.

That got me thinking. Life happens. Stuff happens (or we make something happen through poor choices like me posting my snake picture on Facebook before I had written my blog). Our best plans get derailed. We’re in the middle of life, trying to balance it all – work, family, chores, relationships, fun, transitions, learning and the list goes on. We have our priorities precariously piled, something happens to upset the delicate balance, and all semblance of plans and order are lost.

I’d like to say that I am agile when it comes to plans being derailed, transitions and change in general, but the truth is I’m not. I struggle with it. Most of the time, I fight against it until I finally succumb. What I’d like is to let go of this idea of balance and allow myself to be more fully in whatever moment is in front of me. I’d like to get more comfortable with the fact that there is a season for everything. Some periods are highly productive. Some are not, and those that are not are just as important as those that are.

Perhaps it’s more about finding the joys and meaning of what is here now and discovering the new learning that needs to take place to navigate whatever challenges arrive in the new season.

2 thoughts on “On Snakes, Plan B and a Different Perspective on Navigating Change

  1. Perfect as ever Susie!!

    I saw that snake too and wondered if it had escaped ­ some people do keep snakes and that is something I do not understand and never will!!

    Did you find out what it was?? Maybe I need to check you Facebook page for that answer?!

    Love sal ­ it was wonderful to see your special parents Sunday a week ago xxxxx

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