Imagine you walk into a room, and the radio is on, only it’s not exactly on the right frequency. What you hear is a lot of static with partial fragments of a song. You know that you are not listening to the song in the way it was initially intended. The static distorts the song. The strange thing is, if you had been in the room for an extended period and the signal slowly became worse over time, perhaps you would not notice it. It would become an irritating hum, background static, a sub-focus you were not even aware you have.

In a workshop I recently attended, we were encouraged to think about the kind of disruptive signals we are receiving. Mind static is a disruption of the signal. It distorts the truth about you. It pulls you into a shadowed place and has you believing things that are not true about yourself or your situation. During this workshop a new awareness of an old story, a disruptive signal, struck me. Even though the static of this old story was very loud I had been unaware of it’s presence or it’s impact on me until that moment. (Thank you to Susan Jacobs and Joie Garrity for running the workshop and for helping me gain this new perspective).

Do you have any of these disruptive signals? You’re not good enough, not intelligent enough, not from the right background, not going to amount to anything, not friendly enough, not strong enough, creative enough, liked enough, don’t have the right qualifications, not (fill in the blank).

You have the volume control. Turn down the static.

Here’s to living with clarity, courage, compassion and confidence!


2 thoughts on “TURN DOWN THE STATIC

  1. Sometimes turning down the volume is not enough ….. I have to change the station completely when all I hear is the nagging hum of static . 💕❤💕
    Thank you for this post Sue ……

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