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Today I got home, knowing that my husband had gone away for a few days, and found a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me. I love flowers. They are at once vibrant and tranquil. I love their colour, their different shapes, their scent and the way they make even the most drab surroundings look more beautiful. I love that each detail combines to make an astonishing whole. I love that they are used to send a message – I love you. I’m thinking about you. You’re important to me.

I think we are like those flowers – each detail of our lives combined to make an astonishing whole, beautiful on our own, but even more beautiful together. I think we’re created to enrich whatever environment we find ourselves in – quietly complementing our surroundings or providing the focal point.

These flowers have me asking all kinds of questions. Am I allowing myself to bring something good to my environment? If we’ve all got something positive to bring (and no matter how you feel about yourself right now we DO all have something to bring) what am I bringing? I’m telling myself that there are different seasons – focal point kind of seasons, and seasons to be the quiet compliment to the room. Both are beautiful.

Here’s to living with clarity, courage, compassion and confidence!

We are created to enrich our environment.


  1. LOVE this one, Sue! It reminds me about loving others as prescribed in I Corinthians 13. Thanks . I also LOVE the way Chris so often shows his love… a great guy!


    1. Thanks Jen! Glad it reminded you of the passage about love… and yes, Chris does lots of amazing things to show his love for me!


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