Ireland Travel Stories – Post Four – Sky Road

I want to watch the sun going down. I figure that would be a magical end to an incredible day. I imagine, as we drive home, that we will sit at the little picnic table in the front garden of our Airbnb and enjoy the sunset. Chris has bigger ideas. I’m not paying very close attention as Chris drives us home. It has been a fabulous, but very full day and I’m tired – Kylemore Abbey in the morning, Dooncastle in the afternoon and the amazing live music experiences in the evening. I’m almost ready for bed. This is our second night in Ireland and I’m still feeling the effects of missing a whole night on our flight over. As I refocus, I realize we aren’t driving along the road to our accommodation, but rather, we are heading up. Way up. The view is similar, only we can see more. Chris says this is Sky Road.

It feels both thrilling and scary to be driving this narrow, two-way road, way up, with little between us and the drop off. I feel like we are flying through the air. As we drive over a rise, both Chris and I gasp. It seems like we’ll drive right off the edge of the world. The views are breathtaking.

I notice a herd of cows that seem to balance right at the edge of things and realize these are probably the cows I’ve seen from below at our Airbnb that literally look like they are balanced on the edge of the mountain. They seem quite relaxed. I’m glad there’s a place we can pull off and stop for a while just to take it all in.

We don’t stay until the sun actually goes down because I’m afraid we’ll drive off the edge on the way down if it’s dark. We do, in fact, make it down in one piece despite my fears.

What a full and fantastic day!

I’m half way towards my goal of posting 8 times in a month! This is in order to complete a project for Toastmasters – Level 4 in the Innovative Planning Pathway. 8 times in a month felt like a really tall order. So far, it still feels like a lot but I am also quite enjoying it.

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