Ireland Travel Stories – Post Two

We’re in no rush to get going on our second morning in Ireland. After such a busy first day,  we take the time to relax and have a slow start. It’s 11 am by the time we leave. For a morning person, like me, that’s half the day gone, but I’m okay with it. There’s […]

Ireland Travel Stories – Post One

In the next month I’m planning to post 8 times. This is in order to complete a project for Toastmasters – Level 4 in the Innovative Planning Pathway. 8 times in a month feels like a really tall order. It is requiring some thought and planning to figure out what to blog about with that kind of frequency. I’ve decided to post about our recent trip to Ireland. You can (hopefully) expect the next 8 posts (twice a week) to tell stories about what I saw or experienced on the trip. I hope you enjoy.