Thanks for stopping by!

If there’s one thing, I want you to know it’s this: we all have shadows in our lives. It is my deep desire to help you to become more accepting and compassionate when it comes to your struggles. It doesn’t have to stop there. I’d love to help you to use what feels difficult to define what matters to you.

The work I do as a coach focuses on personal growth. That could include but is not limited to: developing courage, clarifying values and honouring those values in your life, setting boundaries, becoming more assertive, developing self-awareness and confidence, setting goals, finding your inner strength, identifying and dealing with the thoughts that sabotage you, support in making changes or in going through transitions, and work on discovering your life purpose. Personal growth can have a profound and positive impact on your career, your work and personal relationships and your general satisfaction with life.

This past year has crystallized for me that life is fragile. What we take for granted may be gone tomorrow. My hope for you is that you will take this moment and bring into being the things you wish were already here. All we have is now.

I’d be honoured if you would allow me to be part of your journey. You can connect with me here about coaching, get weekly inspiration by subscribing to my blog , learn more about me or what other people say about me.

Sue Das, Coach, CPCC, ACC, B Soc Sc (SW)