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Last week I gave myself permission. Permission to slow down. Permission to rest. Permission to be unproductive. Permission not to have it all figured out. Permission not to try to manage everything . Permission.

We spent some time at a cottage. It was a holiday; time away from it all with family. A more peaceful setting would be difficult to find. The place felt almost elemental -endless sky and water, trees and a rocky shore, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Instead of sinking into rest and rejuvenation, initially I found myself thinking about all the things that I could be, or should be working on – an endless, formless list-of-busy in my head. Why is it so hard to shut down?

I shoved aside my vague unease with unproductive and I gave myself permission to rest. I don’t know why I needed permission but I guess I did. I took the time to write myself a permission slip, a list really, of all the things I had permission to do (or not do) on our vacation. (Brene Brown talks about permission slips in chapter four of her book Rising Strong). Now, I don’t know if you struggle to shut down. Maybe this is not even an issue for you. Perhaps you aren’t influenced by the nagging thought that busy is better – it’s more productive, more valuable, more important. But if you do struggle to take a break, to shut down, to rest … maybe you could try writing yourself a permission slip.

Here’s to living with clarity, courage, compassion and confidence!
I give myself permission to rest and experience deep recovery. I give myself permission not to be produ

5 thoughts on “PERMISSION TO REST

  1. The struggle is a real one for many people! Myself included. Giving yourself permission seems like a way that I can work with. Thanks Sue


  2. Thanks, Sue. I sometimes find myself thinking my self worth is tied up with how busy and productive I am…WRONG! but that is my reality. I LOVE the idea of permission slips instead of To Do lists!


  3. Hi Sue,
    Just finished reading all of your blog posts! You have a gift! You express your thoughts in clear and inviting prose, prompting the reader (me) to reflect on the wisdom you’ve incorporated into your writing. I’m commenting on this particular post because I was reminded of a helpful article I read recently here:, in which the writer, among other things, promotes the importance of “wasting time.”


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